PSD/AI/Figma to WordPress Elementor

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Migration to WordPress

Taking the advantage of WordPress platform and Elementor Pro theme builder, DmitryTech`s developers converted more than 200 + design mockups into stunning and smoothly working websites. If we managed to persuade you that WordPress is the right decision for your business, look through our transfer services to find the one that fits your needs the most:

PSD to WordPress

We’re the leaders providing the pixel-perfect transfer services for any kind of website. With the help of our team of experts, you will get your own custom-tailored, smartly coded brand new WP website. At DmitryTech we are ready to take on the projects of any difficulty and are happy to challenge ourselves working with different design formats. Experts of DmitryTech are in friendly relationships with all of the Adobe products and can deliver the best migration services based on the mockups made in Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, and InDesign. Our robust experience of transferring websites covers working with Sketch and Figma. Generally speaking, no matter how and where the mockup was developed, our clients can be sure that the final product of DmitryTech will look exactly the same. By the way, if your design lacks the mobile optimized version, we would be happy to develop one for you!

Other CMS to WordPress

Transferring websites to WordPress from other content management platforms is one of our most demanded services. We have completed hundreds of WP migration projects and have mastered the process to nearly perfection. Usually it takes only a week for us to copy design, transfer content and reproduce the technical features and you’re all set! Our team works with Shopify, Wix, Squarespace and any other less popular website development platforms. But why do we transfer websites to WordPress?

Starting as a tool for bloggers, WordPress has been converted into a robust website builder which is user-friendly and flexible enough to build any type of website. The unlimited features and full control over the development process have made WordPress a priority choice for such top brands as The New York Timer, Sony or The New Yorker. WordPress developers have managed to make the platform:

1. Rich in functionality

The number of plugins available for installment is almost infinite allowing developers to implement advanced features such as extra-level of security, analytics, booking system and many others.

2. SEO friendly

The competitive advantage of a website built based on WordPress is that search engines tend to rank such a website higher than any other. It definitely limits the investment in search optimization and allows us to focus more precisely on other components of efficient SEO.

3. Safe and secure

WordPress has been developed keeping the security in mind and it is related to any website created on this platform. This CMS has proven to be one of the safest and most secured to run a website.
Having considered all the benefits of building a website on WordPress, you might be thinking what to do next? If you are willing to have your website migrated to WordPress without any hassle, DmitryTech can do that fast and efficiently for you!

migrate to other hosting provider

You might have your website being built on WordPress already, but experience some lacks in efficiency and steady performance. We’re here to help! Experts of DmitryTech will carry out the in-depth analysis, audit the performance and monitor the issues arising. Having done that, we will transfer your website with all the content and data to a new hosting.

The migration to new hosting and rebuilding the pages with Elementor Pro will ensure consistent performance, prevent bugs and will make the website easy to update and maintain in a perfect working condition.

How Can We help?

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