Dmitry Tech

Our Mission

Everyday we strive to help businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing teams and web design agencies grow their business with high quality web design & development services.

Providing WordPress Development services all around the globe, we have managed to build trustworthy business relationships with everyone who got a chance to work with us. We don’t compromise on quality, respect deadlines and always available when client needs us. 

We welcome companies and individuals with their unique projects and ideas. So if you feel like we might be a good fit – let’s schedule a quick discovery call and see if we can help you get the results you need.

Our Creative Team



Anastasia is a pro in using Photoshop, Illustrator and other photo editing software. She has a distinguished passion for visual design. Anastasia’s creativity enables her to transform clients` ideas into visual reality.



Having an analytic type of thinking, Joy does well at technically advanced tasks. His artistry skills and easy-going personality greatly complements DmitryTech team and its’ values. 



Dmitry is an all-in-one expert in Website Design and Development. His passion for technology and digital entrepreneurship has helped him successfully implement multiple “out of the box” ideas.



Alex is supervising the quality of the team from the initial point toward termination. Quality assurance and keeping the team on the right track throughout the process are her main responsibilities.

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How Can We help?

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