Web Maintenance

We offer maintenance services to keep your website up to date and always running.

Website Maintenance

WordPress maintenance services

DmitryTech got you covered either you need maintenance updates or you need support once encountering any issues related to your site`s functionality. When your site is in DmitryTech`s hands all the backups, updates, caching, and software monitoring are under constant control. The maintenance services we provide are based on top-notch security and ultra-fast performance. Our skilled WordPress team makes sure your site stays secure, free of bugs, and updated.

Find out, why website maintenance services and plans are helpful

Support services

Being on a maintenance plan for your website is similar to having webmaster support on a green line. Whatever you need to be done, our support team is here for you to help as quickly as possible. Just give us a call or write us an email and all the assigned work starting from the updates, image changes, page adding, content edits, and overall troubleshooting will be properly managed.

SEO consulting

Staying on the top and reaching the top are two different terms when talking about SEO. Our local search engine optimization experts will help in keeping and/or bringing, your website on top of Google search results.

Devoted assistance

Once we finish building your website or get familiar with your project, we welcome you in our DmitryTech family. When we get to know your business, competitors, audience, and your website we help you build your online presence in the most effective way.

WordPress Maintenance hours plan that is suitable for your website.

Taking care of your website’s security and being always live for your potential customers are some of the important things in website management. Life factors such as work, daily routine, or other projects can turn into obstacles to consistently update your website. When this occurs, you may lose traffic on your website, as our visitors do not need outdated content. Besides that, by depriving your website of the updates you may encounter some security issues and reduced optimization.

Supposing your website has custom functionalities driven by plugins. In this case website maintenance is highly recommended so that your business can smoothly operate daily. Or if the custom functionalities are hard-coded, depend on plugins, or are custom-build, website maintenance would help to maximize conversion on your site.

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