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We offer WordPress services and create websites such as classic 5 pagers to the complex ones including WooCommerce.

Web Design Classics

WordPress is the way to go

WordPress is a great platform that is considered to be one of the best ones available in a market. As much as 20% of all self-hosted websites worldwide use WordPress as it offers a variety of tools that make the overall website performance smoother. The great number of plugins available allows us to deliver the projects faster and, most importantly, gives our clients an opportunity to manage their websites without any prior coding experience.

DmitryTech team consists of professional elementor wordpress developers, whose expertise has been proven to provide the most innovative and high-quality solutions for your websites, which will make your business stand out from all your competitors. We work with the most talented Elementor Pro developers who can handle all the requirements you may have and who are able to make the most efficient design that maximizes the positive user experience and generates higher engagement rates. The services offered by our specialists are not limited to website development only, we’re doing our best to make your brand new web page fully-responsive, secure, and fast-performing and we’re always here to provide any kind of customer support.

Mobile responsiveness

The focus on mobile devices is crucial today as more than a half of the global web traffic is being generated by phones only (and there’s a big number of people using tablets as well). Moreover, mobile optimization has become a ranking factor considered by Google thus adaptation to different screen sizes has become a necessity.
At DmitryTech we keep an eye on the latest trends and statistics and adapt our websites to the changing needs of the consumers. All of our designs are fully responsible for different screen-size mobile devices meaning that no sales/visits are lost due to the difficulties viewing or loading the content. What makes DmitryTech the cutting the edge company is the fact that we do not limit our work just to a few most commonly used screen-sizes, but we provide solutions that will look pleasant on any device.

Security & Performance

These two metrics are the essential components of success of any business performing online. Why?
1. Websites that cannot be loaded in 3 seconds are getting the lower ranking by search engines thus are missing visits from potential users.
2. Having not secured website may result in hacks and loss of data, so the website will be down for maintenance time and the reputation of the business is likely to be lowered.
The goal of DmitryTech is to make sure that every piece of our projects is secure and performant. Our team pays precise attention to the audition of your website before launching and provides the long-term support and maintenance services. Equipped with the best technical tools for your website safety and security, we efficiently work on data encryption, SSL certification and two-factor authentication. DmitryTech is aiming at accelerating the load speeds as well meaning that no visitor will be hanging and waiting for website response, but will be able to access all the pages at secure, but fast loading speeds.

Maintenance & Support

DmitryTech’s WordPress developers have years of comprehensive expertise in efficient maintenance and best customer support. Our team of professionals is always ready to guide you through all the stages of website creation and to assist with solving any technical issues. Apart from infrastructure consulting, we are ready to help you with updating content, adding new products and creating new pages as well as customize all the mentioned to perfectly fit your needs.

How Can We help?

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