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Dmitry Tech does not abandon you once your website is designed and developed to perfection.

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Choosing the best hosting provider might be a daunting task for many business owners, who usually feel overwhelmed with different technical terms and hundreds of providers to pick from. At DmitryTech we take all these decisions on us and let you focus on what is more important for your business. Our web development specialists have reviewed and compared hundreds of providers to choose only the best deals for you. Now we are ready to offer the solutions that are research-based, strategic and innovative. With our support you can take the worry out of your life and just enjoy your brand new website.
When choosing DmitryTech you are taking the advantage of numerous benefits of our web hosting, which is:

Safe and secure

Our web developers highly prioritize security and take all possible measures that can ensure data protection and safety of the website. In case of any hacks, our experts will immediately remove the malware to keep the website data secure and to minimize the negative consequences for your and visitors.

Fast Loading

DmitryTech is one of the leaders in providing hosting with the uptime percentage higher than of the competitors. Understanding that fast loading is important for both UX and search engine ranking, we apply the latest technology to make the hosting faster that the industry average.

Regular Backups

Website backup is crucial in ensuring the investment in the website won’t result in the loss of money. Tiny accidents or attacks can demolish all the effort that have been put the website development process and result in having no properly working website and loss of data. DmitryTech’s backup services can provide you with all the protection required to ensure the stable website performance. Our team will keep all of your data secured in case of servers’ crashes, attack or malwares.

Fast Servers

Aiming at delivering the best services, DmitryTech provides dedicated server for each client. Your website’s smooth and stable performance is our first priority thus we use Cloudways hosting and DigitalOcen servers. Would like to know why? Cloudways is the leader in offering the greatest functionality at affordable prices. Their fantastic set of features available and possibility to scale resources while website growth is what makes Cloudways servers so unique. DigitalOcean is the perfect fit for those who are seeking for reasonably prices, but extremely effective solutions. The most prominent perks in favor of DigitalOcean are: fast performance, support of different operating systems, user-oriented interface, and a wide variety of tech-savvy tools.

Our WordPress experts are always available to improve the page loading speed, enhance security and to ensure the uptime. Our hosting services are usually provided together with web development, but we always discuss your unique needs and do our best to accommodate your requests, if you’re seeking for hosting only.

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