Private Medical Center “MODUS VIVENDI”


The medical center “Modus Vivendi” is a private diagnostical center located in the Republic of Moldova. The company was founded in 1997 and is the first private medical center in Moldova. “Modus Vivendi” offers a big variety of blood tests, high-quality diagnosis, and other medical services that are aligned with European standards to its patients.


“Modus Vivendi” is established for more than 16 years in the field of medicine and has succeeded in imposing itself on the market due to the professionalism and the quality of the services provided. Hence, the competitors` market in the field of medicine is drastic and many other private services became popular and more attractive for the clients. “Modus Vivendi” had a website that was built in 2014. The website had an old school design, it was not mobile-responsive, and was limited in structure.


The problems were worked out with the client step by step.The first aspect was based on redesigning the entire website, by making it more clean, structured, and eye-catching for the loyal and potential future clients. The common problem among the majority of websites is that they are build using a custom theme. Respectively, we recreated it using Elementor Pro and installed Astra theme instead.The second aspect was to give the website a well-developed and user-friendly structure. Keeping in mind the amount of valuable content on their website, it was crucial to have a strategy in displaying all necessary information for the clients from the first look.


As a result, the client received a good-looking, user-friendly and mobile responsive website that attracts more clients according to the stats from Google Analytics.

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