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eCommerce is one of the most profitable niches that can bring growth to your business. By helping the costumers in finding the necessary products and all related information to it, you can reach your goal. To do that, a highly accurate, rapid, and personalized search functionality is required. Enabling your revenue with eCommerce and online shopping as well as letting costumers shop at any desired time by using a mobile responsive design is a big bonus into your pocket. We live in a digital world; thus, the internet is a big force giving opportunities for small companies to reach their audience cost-effective way. 

Our team members ‘creative ability, strategic thinking, and technology skills can help you in turning your business into an online cash register. Regretfully, there are small companies that are indecisive in selling online. One of the reasons is the worry about technology and costs. We assure you that it is easier than you could think. With today`s possibilities regarding specialized eCommerce platforms and affordable technology solutions, the costs of starting a website are much less than you can expect.

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Advantages of Working with DmitryTech

  • Being one of the fastest growing website developing company DmitryTech is surrounded by a team of qualified and experienced web designers and developers, skilled at delivering a range of online store website designing and development services.
  • Furthermore, Dmitry Tech offers high-performing, technically efficient, and easy to access e-commerce website development services which in the future run will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to generate high revenues.
  •  Dmitry Tech as well put a big accent on understanding their client`s view which afterwards help in development of an advanced, appropriate, and the most important unique website. Starting with brainstorming ideas to mainstreaming along with implementing the ideas and strategies, DmitryTech`s team members offer great resources/ ideas for your online store web development needs.

Why Work With DT?

  • Responsive design - The demand in using mobile devices for navigating online is continually growing, and eCommerce sales use a large amount of this traffic. For instance, it is predicted that in the upcoming future, ¼ of eCommerce sales will be made via mobile. Meaning, having a mobile optimization of your website is an incredibly important aspect to be taken care of;
  • Support Guest accounts - An online account enables the costumers to make purchases on your website and for the future run it encourages future sales);
  • Site search is important for us - According to the same statistics from 2017, 30 % of costumers of eCommerce sites use the search application to find the desired products. This piece of statistics justifies the need of having an available and easy to use the search functionality. Another type of search which can make the visitors search easier is a filter or faceted typeof search. This functionality allows visitors to narrow down their search by choosing the departments, size, price range, and other available features. This functionality helps the visitors to find the product they need without wasting too much time.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Online store website designing;
  • Online store website development;
  • Building attractive websites to help potential customers find and connect with you;
  • E-commerce implementation and development;
  • Revamping online store resources/solutions;
  • Customer-oriented website – provides prompt and efficient products info.

What Do We Offer?

  • Responsive websites;
  • Exclusive design;
  • Custom websites;
  • High-performance;
  • Personal approach techniques;
  • Web analytics.

Who can benefit?

Clothing & Accessories

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Personal Care Products

Home Decorations & Supplies

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