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It doesn’t matter what sort of business you are in, to survive and thrive in the digital world, you need a website for your company’s growth and development. After all, all your customers, clients, and financial backers are online, and so should be your business.

Now, as a business owner or even someone who knows just a little bit about the online business world, you must have a vague idea of the expenses involved in developing a website. However, most people believe that the major expense for building a website only pertains to website development. 

But that is about to change. Today, we will discuss how website development costs more than just development.

Numerous entrepreneurs employ pre-made or custom websites, while others hire online SaaS programs to create their sites. Still, no matter what option you choose, you must find the intricate reasons why developing a website is so expensive and what makes it so?

Let’s jump right at it!

Why Is Website Development So Expensive? 

Every one of your potential customers or clients is presumably used to the features and services they see on mega-advanced websites such as Amazon or Sephora. They probably will expect a similar if not the same quality from your site. 

But to achieve all those high-end features, you must pay their price. Quite literally. To own such an advanced website, you have to buy and pay for the features that will make it advanced. While some can be developed, others you have to purchase. 

What Are Some Expensive Website Development Features?

Website development itself is similar to creating a hollow structure. However, the reason it is expensive is the features you have to pay to own a functioning website. If you think of owning one for your business, you must know what makes website development so expensive. 

Acquiring A Domain Name

Does your business has a logo? Well, your site needs one too. However, this one will be more in words rather than in graphics. It’s your site’s domain. A site domain is the most telling aspect of a site that authenticates its online standing and place. But to keep in mind that this isn’t easy or cheap to get. 

Getting a site domain is like fighting for a username. It is unlikely that you will end up with a decent one at a low price. Because it is such a fought-after aspect of a website, it is costly and definitive. 

Buying A Site SSL

One of the most expensive features of developing a website is finalizing its setup. That entails many things, such as buying a domain name, selecting a site hosts service, and an SSL that will cover all your site’s security features. 

Think of it as a certificate or a badge required by Google now for most e-Commerce sites to do their business online. An SSL itself is a costly ordeal. While it is necessary for your site’s data’s safety, acquiring one will leave your pockets feeling a little more light than before.

Website Hosting

One of the most prominent and developmental features of a site is deciding its hosting. A site hosting equates to deciding where your site will live. You can either start from scratch by using web design sites like Wix or hire web hosting services.

If you opt for doing everything from scratch, you need to work with website designers who need to begin with a layout that will pay monthly subscriptions. This is a more customized approach to website development yet still will cost you buckets.

However, if you choose to work with a website hosting service provider such as Cloudways, Kinsta, or Siteground, they will take all that hassle off of your shoulders and do the intricate task of website hosting for you while costing you a reasonable amount, the quality will be certain with that. 

UI/UX Design And Website Theme 

This ought to be perhaps the main components in the formation of your website, yet is very commonly underestimated. A cheap and plain-looking site will drive your customers away. However, a site that is too congested and jumbled will do that as well. 

It’s all about finding the middle ground. Your site’s design and the theme is the first thing your customers and visitors notice about your business. You need to pass on a look that is an impression of your business image and representation. 

To avoid ending up with a cheap-looking site, you can reach out to pre-made or custom site designers to help you out with your site’s theme and graphic design. You will pay quite a decent amount of ROI, but your site will earn you back.

Website Content 

A site that doesn’t have any content is like a newspaper without any news. To publish and put out content on your site, either you can hire content writers to write it for you daily, or you can employ content writing services online. 

Both will cost you considerably, but your site would be saved from looking empty and driving your customers away. Content comes in all shapes and forms, whether in pictures, infographics, videos, or just plain written articles. The more advanced you go, the more it will cost you.

Interactive Functions and Plugins

Now you have a site with content and looks great, but what good is it for if your customers cannot interact with it properly? To increase your business via your site, you must focus on the level of customer engagement and interaction with your site. 

That can include incorporating chatbots, quizzes, forms, newsletters, plugins, etc. Anything that can demonstrate to customers that they have options on your site. Still, incorporating even simple plugins can cost you a considerable amount of ROI.

Key Takeaway

People aren’t kidding when they say site development is expensive. But what is more expensive is the features of a moderately working website. 

While site developmental features such as a site’s speed, safety, and structure do cost, you may want to reconsider the other expensive aspects.

Dmitry Bilchenko

Dmitry Bilchenko

My name is Dmitry and I am a web designer and entrepreneur. I specialize in creating beautiful and functional websites that will help you attract more customers, sell more products and make more money.

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