Web Design
& UI/UX Design

We are here to help you design your ideal website framework, logotype, sketch out your app and any marketing materials needed.

We are eager to deliver unique freelance website design services that would perfectly reflect your business’ core values. No matter how big your company is, our web design consultants will devote 100% of their time and effort to create modern, user-oriented and easy-to-navigate designs that would convert casual visitors into loyal consumers. Our wide variety of services covers:

UI/UX design

Did you know that consumers process visual information 60.000 times faster than simple text? This fact illustrates the importance of design and we keep this in mind every time we start a new project. With UI we make sure that the company’s identity and value proposition are delivered visually and that all of the design elements of a web page correspond to the brand image. Our UX designers create a consistent positive user experience and establish loyal and trustworthy relationships with the company’s target audience.

Website redesign

The design trends are constantly changing and our customers often face a need of updates to keep being attractive to consumers. Our team is happy to revamp and recreate an outdated website in accordance with the latest design trends and best user experience practices. We go through the precise research to detect the weaknesses of the existing website, carry out the analysis of the design trends in the specific field and, based on the revealed data, we start the magic transformation to turn your old website into something stunning and brand new.


Prototyping is an important stage in any design process as it creates the framework for further mockup development. It helps to set the logical hierarchy, based on the goals set for each of the pages (generating leads, encouraging signups, higher number of shares, etc.) Prototyping makes the design process smother and keeps the page not only aesthetically pleasant, but “working” towards fulfilling the company’s goals.

Mockups development

Once agreed upon layouts, content sections, and call-to-actions, we proceed to the reinvigoration of the design – picking the right colors, images and typography for the website mockup. Mockup is a visual illustration of what the future website is going to look like once it’s launched. At DmitryTech we use Figma – one of the most advanced interface design tools. It breaks all the established design limits and offers the room for creativity, so we can deliver unique and sophisticated design solutions to your business.

Design from scratch

Developing the mockups from scratch allows us to meticulously analyze and implement all the needs and specific requirements the customer might have. We will be able to discuss all the ideas of our customers and all the tiny peculiarities of the project that will make the website truly unique. The final product will perfectly reflect your brand image, vision and corporate culture and will represent your company from the inside out.

How Can We help?

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