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Do you know how much it costs building and managing a website?

Well, today, you’re going to find out because no matter what your business in the 21st century is, a website is a valuable asset that is worth investing in. Whether it is to expand your brand or create a strong presence online, a website brings that necessary touch of authenticity and commitment that nothing else does.

We know that websites are a vital component of any venture in today’s time and age. Yet, we hesitate when it comes actually to build one. A hundred, if not a thousand, doubts fill up our heads before we commit to the task of constructing a website. “Is it essential?” “Is it even worth it?” “What if all my efforts go to waste?” 

This wariness that many people face before they get to the task of building a website is essentially a result of unawareness, especially in terms of financial spending. Most of us don’t really know what building and managing a website costs, which is why we tend to steer clear of it.

Here’s the thing: that needs to change! In the age of digital supremacy, you must have awareness about everything related to building and maintaining websites. Luckily for you, we are here to break down all the costs involved in this process systematically. By the end of this article, you will know how much money you’re likely to spend on the process of creating a website. So, if you’re worried about the costs of building a website and the costs of managing a website – keep reading!


Before moving on to the more technical stuff, let’s first establish this: there is no set price range for building a website. Or managing it. 

The thing about the whole website building experience is that it greatly varies from person to person. The needs that I want my website to fulfill will most certainly not be the same as yours – which is why it’s important to remember that there is no hard and fast cost that you have to pay. 

The price of your website depends on a lot of factors and hence will most definitely vary. Therefore, the discussion below does not aim to provide you with an iron-clad price list. Rather, it focuses on helping you gauge the potential costs of building a website and the potential costs of maintaining a website – both of which you need before you enter the wonderful yet complex world of website development. Keep in mind that our breakdown is merely the tip of what is an iceberg of information. 

Some of the things that affect the costs are the software, hosting, and design. Many other factors come into play, but these are the most important aspects that will affect the costs of building a website and managing it.

The Breakdown

Now, without further ado, let’s get down to the breakdown of costs. 


Let’s first start with the software – where do you want your website to be located. This is a critical choice that you will have to make when building a website. This part will also ultimately decide how well you manage your website and therefore is quite significant. 

You will have to decide whether you want to choose an open-source software like WordPress or a proprietary software like CMS Hub. 

Open-source software is free to install, but other things like hosting and SSL certification will add to building a website. Also, when it comes to managing a website, open software will involve the costs of purchasing additional tools and features that bring your site to life.

On the other hand, the costs for building a website on proprietary software will vary from software to software. An easy-to-use website builder like Wix can be as low to use as $14 per month, whereas something as advanced as CMS Hub Professional could cost you up to $300 per month.

The costs of building a website would be even more if you want an enterprise content management system, so there’s another factor that influences the costs of both building and managing a website. 

Web Hosting

If you have opted for proprietary software, you don’t have to worry about web-hosting since it is included in that system. However, if you go for open-source software, you will have to pay for web hosting. 

There are many providers when it comes to third-party hosting services. Some notable ones include Cloudways, Kinsta, Siteground. The price for hosting varies from project to project and can range from as low as $3 to $400!

It’s good to remember that if you want to keep the costs of building a website at an all-time low, shared hosting is the most economical option.

Shared hosting essentially means that you share a server with multiple websites. On the other hand, we have dedicated hosting, which means that the server is all yours to use, making it more expensive.


The other important thing that you need to watch out for is design because this is essentially where your costs of managing a website skyrocket.

Increasingly, many platforms come with free templates and whatnot, but these are usually very basic. If you want your website to stand out, you will most definitely have to add extra themes and features that usually come with the premium lists.

Also, if you choose apps like Adobe Photoshop and Figma, you will have to pay their respective fees. In short, the design costs can start at $0 but can also go up to hundreds! 

Key Takeaway

This brief yet comprehensive account of three of the most significant aspects of building and maintaining a website will help you navigate the world of web development a little more easily.

If you hire someone to do the job for you, they can guide you better according to your needs and ensure that your experience of building and managing a website is as seamless as possible.

Dmitry Bilchenko

Dmitry Bilchenko

My name is Dmitry and I am a web designer and entrepreneur. I specialize in creating beautiful and functional websites that will help you attract more customers, sell more products and make more money.

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