Cannabis Company “The. Hash. Club”


The. Hash. Club is a Cannabis company based in Michigan. Their mission is to produce and deliver high-quality products from cannabis plants. Withal, the company is devoted to keeping cannabis away from children and youth. The. Hash. Club foster safety and legal cannabis market.


The company needed a decent and trustworthy website to sell its products. In addition, the website was required to be mobile responsive and user-friendly in navigation for potential clients.


The website covers all the spheres of the Hash Club performance: it informs about the events and services, provides information on membership and has the online store built with WooCommerce plugin on the base of WordPress. It has the design with animation applied to make it more esthetically pleasant. All the users should be over 21 to access the data provided.


As a result, the website has interesting and sophisticated navigation, multiple filters, advanced custom posts, payment system, and etc. Now the website is user-friendly and mobile responsive.

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